About DigitalFelix.net

Headed by Lidka Schuch (more about Lidka),  the President and Creative Director, DigitalFelix.net is a natural evolution of Studio L into the on-line training.  We assist graphic designers, prepress professionals and corporate communicators with advanced hands-on training in the latest tools and techniques for digital design and prepress.

Expect lots of personal attention from our instructors and get all your questions answered during our classes.

To schedule training or for more info, please call us at (+1) 647 799 8893

Digital Felix | Computer Training Courses and Workshops

How the Black Beauty and Gentle Giant Felix the Cat gave his name to our school. Click here for the backstory of our name.

Site Credits
Lidka Schuch: concept, design, writing, illustration and photography.
Heather Hodgman: writing and concept.
Ben Deith: production and plenty of good advice in all aspects of building this website.
We would also like to thank Kathy Bramson for her invaluable input in creating this website.

Learn interactively, not leaving your own computer station - DigitalFelix.net: customized training to suit your requirements. +++ Call us for custom designed workshops and consultations - one-on-one, or in a group. +++ Develop new skills to create more compelling graphics or enhance your existing skills in a specific software application - DigitalFelix.net +++ Teaching should be a calling, not a secondary choice when everything else fails. +++